Wednesday, January 18, 2012

One-Dollar Dailies: 1/18/12

The Week of Adjacent Colors continues! Today's combo is yellow green with blue green - a bit harder for me, since I own both colors as unlayerable tops and neither color as bottoms. My solution was to belt my lime Zara sweater with my teal studded belt (which used to be a hip belt but is now fully convertable thanks to my beloved leather punch). I'd first planned to wear brown tights under this, but 1) this skirt is unlined and 2) I think the midi length just looks better with bare legs. I love this color combination, and I hope to someday aquire skirts or pants in these colors in order to amplify the effect.

It's too early in the morning for me to be this happy - thankfully, I have cats to laugh at. :)

One-Dollar Wonders
Lime Zara Sweater
Michael Stars A-Shirt (layered under sweater)
Donna Karan Signature Cashmere Skirt
Teal Leather Belt

Fergie Major Boots
London Fog Bag
Pewter Wolf Cougar Skull Necklace