Sunday, January 22, 2012

One-Dollar Dailies: 1/21/12

Two outfits today!

The first outfit completes the Week of Adjacent Colors with red and red-orange - worn out for Chinese food following a morning hike. The adjacent colors challenge has shown me how few colored bottoms I have - the bulk of my color is all tied up in tops, belts, and bags. My eyes are officially open for colorful skirts and pants (but no cropped pants, please)! This outfit is light on the $1 items, because most of these pieces are ones I'm very picky about: colored tops, coats, jeans, and boots. I still got 'em all for cheap, but sadly not for $1.

One-Dollar Wonders
Orange Cami
Red Leather Belt

Puma Casual Coat - Puma Outlet (on clearance!)
Hudson Signature Bootcut Jeans - $25 at swap meet
Splendid Sweater - via Ebay
Dr. Martens Marcie Boots

The second outfit of the day was worn to my very first band practice! Our practice area was heated only with a space heater, so I wanted to be warm - but still ready to rock. My inner rock star demanded awesome boots, naturally.

In other news: I'm in a band! Yep, I've been playing bass guitar for just about a month now. My husband and I are playing with another couple, and I think we did really well for our first time. The group meshes well, and everyone is picking the songs up quickly - I'm absolutely stoked to have one of my songs on the set list. Living my tweenage dream, y'all!

One-Dollar Wonders
Lucky Brand Shorts
James Perse Tank Top (under shirt)
Cognac Belt (under shirt)

Merona Sweater Tights
Superdry Japan Jacket - gift from Hubs
Batman Tee - appropriated from Hubs
Apepazza Pesaro Boots - Amazon
Yellow Bag - gift from Mom

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  1. How exciting! I'd love to hear one of your songs if you record them. This is the perfect outfit for band practice. :)