Sunday, November 6, 2011

Faux Shearling from Forever 21!

Howdy, hep cats! Long time no blog!

I just recently started a new job, so I've been super busy getting all my ducks in a row and brainstorming on how I will adjust to a new, more relaxed dress code. I also just got sick, and it's been raining a bit here, so my swap meet foraging has been heftily hampered. Ergo, no new $1 finds right now.

Action shot from shopping trip.

Styled for cold night out to Korean BBQ
However, I thought I'd share this fantabulous deal of a Forever 21 jacket with you (second pic lightened to show more detail)! It is black-on-black faux shearling, and something about both the color and fabrication makes it look way more expensive and convincing than a lot of the faux goods currently out there. When I tried it on, one of my shopping buddies popped the collar, and I instantly saw Burberry Aviator - as they say on icanhascheezburger, "What has been seen cannot be unseen." My shopping buddies would not let me leave without it.

Burberry shearling aviator.

Mine doesn't seem to be current stock on the F21 website, but your local store might still have it. They also have other faux shearling options that look mighty cute, so I'd take a look if you've been hunting for something like this. I paid $37.80. :)


  1. That is a fab little jacket. It would be great for Florida, where we never get *really* cold winter. You look very cool!