Sunday, November 20, 2011

$1 Dry Shampoo :D

Step one: Get thee to a Dollar Store.

Step two: Buy a shaker of baby powder (make sure you get one with cornstarch in it).

Step three: Scurry back home and apply baby powder to your greasy bangs/roots.

Step four: Brush the powder through hair until you no longer have white, powdery bangs/roots.

Step five: Party!

Second-day bangs: weighed-down, threatening to go stringy by about 10am

Baby powder applied to bangs

Initial brush-through

Baby powder applied to roots

Second brush-through - bangs are way less heavy! Continue brushing until all powder is gone.

Note: I did try Suave's dry shampoo as an alternative that might cut down on brushing time (I'm laaaaaazy), but that stuff smells terrible! It reminds me of when I first started using deodorant and chose a really cheap, terrible, tropical-pineapple-scented deal that mixed with the BO instead of preventing it. Yak. The baby powder is much better.


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