Friday, May 6, 2011

Work Outfit: Comfy, Cozy, and a touch of Citron

Nothing too elaborate today. I was feeling a bit down, so I thought I'd wrap myself in soft and un-restricting fabrics. I thought I'd have to change my bag, but the yellow-citron thing didn't bother me after all (convenient, since I also felt a bit lazy this morning).

Citron top, $1, swap meet, Huntington Beach
Deco necklace, $3, swap meet, Huntington Beach
Black patent skinny belt, $0.60, thrift store, Ontario
LL Bean Freeport Fleece sweatshirt jacket, $24.99, LL Bean
Banana Republic navy midi skirt, $1, swap meet, Huntington Beach
Jessica Simpson Floral Garden Satchel, $10, via Amazon (funded)
Nine West black patent pumps, $20, Ross


  1. What a great idea for a blog! Extra cute kitties in the background are an added bonus xD

    I noticed you are able to thrift things for much cheaper than my local stores have, is there a secret to scoring discounts?

    ~ Looking forward to your next post!

  2. Laura, thrift store prices have risen a lot, haven't they? I rarely buy full-priced things even at Goodwill anymore... instead, I'll only look at the items marked with that day's half-price colored tag - do they have this at all Goodwills? Goodwill also has what they call clearance outlets, where you buy clothing by the pound. :)

    Fashionista, I'm glad you like it! It really turned out to be a good purchase.