Tuesday, May 3, 2011


This is my first official post on One-Dollar Wonders, my humble site created in celebration of all things inexpensive. My main focus is on apparel and accessories, as those are my most spendy passions, but I definitely foresee many a dollar-store-cheese-type tangent in my future.

In celebration of a new blog, today's outfit is grounded in beginnings: springtime, new life, winged optimism... Okay, you got me. The outfit's actually centered on the pretty butterflies on my blouse - but the reverse-explication sounded pretty good in my head, and there is something marginally poetic about wearing a butterfly-covered silk blouse. ;)

- Silk butterfly blouse, $1, swap meet, Huntington Beach
- Black Express pencil skirt, $1, swap meet, Huntington Beach
- Gray Mossimo slingbacks, $2.50, half-price at Goodwill, Santa Ana
- Hawaiian Heritage heart necklace, gift
- Jade green nail polish $1, swap meet, San Fernando

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