Monday, May 23, 2011

work outfit: how a citron shirt saved spring

I learned the hard way that I am not a Spring Colors Girl. Pastels and creamy tints like dove gray make my skin look washed out and, let's face it, a little dirty. Cheerful, optimistic hues like peach, fuchsia, or periwinkle make me feel like a fraud. What colors are left to me? Citron, lemon, lime, kumquat... y'know, colors that are a little bit sour and obnoxious -- just like me!

Citron must either be very unpopular or very hard to dye, because I just don't see it everywhere. I probably would never have tried on a citron item if I hadn't found this amazing Ebby by Farinaz Yaghavi top at the swap meet, but I'm infinitely glad I did. Citron gives my outfits a nice, bright pop without making me feel too girlie or soft. I'm in love with this color... and I'm also crushing hard on this brand.

The Farinaz Yaghavi site claims to sell "the only knitwear you will ever need," and I can't say I disagree all that much. If I had unlimited funds, I'd buy one of their Sensual Half Sleeve tops in every single color on offer. The neckline falls in a perfectly-flattering, not-too-wide-and-not-too-low V, the sleeves hit at the elbow and highlight my waist when I'm sans jacket (why half sleeves are so elusive, I will never understand), the fabric drapes like an absolute dream -- and keep in mind that my shirt is on its second life (at least)!

My other two favorite items in this outfit are my orange python belt and my gold horseshoe pendant, because they were both lucky finds. The belt, which is unmarked except for the Italian words vero pitone (or real python), was waiting for me in a Goodwill at one of my vacation destinations. The pendant has actually been with me since I found it in the parking lot of Alpha Beta as a very little girl. I don't see any markings that would indicate metal purity, so it is probably worthless -- whew, good thing it was free! Anyway, the point of my story is that you can find a crazy deal anywhere, whether it be at a swap meet, on vacation, or as you fall and skin your knee on your way out of the grocery store. :)

Ooh, and here's a close-up pic of the fabric of my skirt, too -- 'cause it's pretty and contains little flecks of citron, the color of the day.

Item Original Price My Price Vendor Type Location
Ebby Farinaz Taghavi Knit Top $96 $1 swap meet Huntington Beach
Handmade Skirt ? $1 swap meet Huntington Beach
Off-Brand Tweed Blazer ~$23 $1 swap meet Los Angeles
Vintage Italian Python Belt $54 $3 Goodwill Hilton Head Island, SC
Jessica Simpson Floral Garden Satchel $108 $10 (funded) Amazon internet
Horseshoe Pendant ? $0 found object parking lot
Dolce Vita Jayce Boots
$10 (funded) Amazon internet

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