Friday, July 22, 2011

What's Your Damage, Heather?: Shopping Irregular & Imperfect Items

I like buying damaged goods. Half my Ebay searches specifically look for items that need a little TLC. So where does one draw the line between a torn-up piece of junk and a really good deal?

  1. Is the damage visible? The lining of my Tahari jacket sports some pretty impressive discoloring from deodorant - but since no one sees it, it's like the damage doesn't exist.
  2. Is the damage repairable? My now-blue bowler bag was purchased as a filthy and stained lavender color, but a fresh coat of dye brought it back from the dead to look good as new.
  3. Is the damage lovable? My recently-purchased pair of Hudson Signature jeans sports three rips - two of which sit on the inner thighs. But I love grunge, deconstruction, and post-apocalyptic fashion; I love these rips, too.
  4. Is the damage represented in the price? Ah, yes: the bottom line. We can't forget about that! Even if the damage seems cool or insignificant to you, you should still get a significant discount for the item. When Goodwill asked for just $5 for my cognac boots, I still talked them down to $4, because I felt that was a more appropriate price for boots with cracked leather soles.
It seems I like my clothes like I like my friends: smart, thrifty, and just a little bit off. :)

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