Monday, January 23, 2012

Jacquard iDye Review: Fire Red -and- Dealing with Unexpected Results

I love my blue Old Navy Fishtail Anorak so much that I decided to duplicate it - only the one other color offered totally washed me out. Pfft, like that was going to stop me! Not when flame red dye will set me back all of $5.

I loved my previous results with Jacquard iDye in Chartreuse, so I used this brand again, opting for their Fire Red color, #412.

The instructions say that one packet is good for up to 3 lbs. of fabric, so I weighed my anorak before buying the dye. Only about 1.5 lbs. - single packet it is!

I've already laid out the instructions in the Chartreuse post, so I'll skip right to the oddities of dying this time around:
  • This jacket was twice as big as before, and my dye tub remained the same. The fabric didn't come close to "moving freely" as the instructions suggested.

  • Probably because of the poor range of motion, I noticed that small specks wanted to settle on the fabric. I scrubbed gently at these with a sponge to avoid super saturated blotches. 

  • Check out the "before" image again. I'm pretty sure that's antique brass toned hardware... the after picture is definitely more of a brushed nickel color. I think the heat melted off whatever metal treatment was originally there. 

  • Old Navy clearly used thread made of man-made fibers - hence, my natural-fiber dye did not adhere to any of the stitching. I happen to love the contrast stitching effect that resulted, but you may want to keep this in mind for your projects. 

  • My anorak was also lined in blended fabric - part cotton, part man-made fibers - consequently, only a percentage of the lining fibers changed color. To avoid this, you'd need to use two types of dye. Jacquard also offers iDye Poly that you can mix in for use with polyester and nylon blends.

Here's a bonus pic of my tub looking like a crime scene during the rinse cycle...

... and behold! The finished product. Complete with oh-so-subtle feline attempt to steal the spotlight. :)

Once again, the iDye color chart was very true to life, and the product was easy to use. I'm a fan!

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