Thursday, January 19, 2012

One-Dollar Dailies: 1/19/12

Thursday in the Week of Adjacent Colors, the theme is blue-green and blue. I thought this one would be a breeze, because I love the colors together, but I struggled a little bit because I don't usually wear them together. I almost defaulted to just carrying my blue handbag, but I think I made one of my two blue belts work.

One-Dollar Wonders
Teal Turtleneck
Moschino Pencil Skirt
Mossimo Patterned Footless Tights
Blue Leather Belt

Banana Republic Cardigan - $2.50 via Goodwill sale in NYC
Hematite Necklace - $2 via swap meet
Dr. Martens Marcie Wedges - via
London Fog Bag - gift

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