Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One-Dollar Dailies: 1/17/12

No outfit from yesterday, because all I did was go on a hike and lounge at home! Good for the bod, not so good for the fashion.

Today, I'm piggybacking on a fellow YLF forum member Aida's idea to do a week of adjacent-colored outfits. I missed the red-red orange day, but I'm psyched about today's gold-olive pairing. I don't own any pure gold items, so I went with citron instead. I'm in complete denial that this beloved top is finally pilling and trying to get away with letting just a little peek out from under my blazer - prolonging the inevitable saves money, yes?

One-Dollar Wonders
Ebby Citron Top
Black Tweed Jacket
Donna Rae Olive Paisley Skirt
Liz Claiborne Belt (50 cents)

Merona Sweater Tights - gift
Fergie Major Boots
London Fog Bag - gift
Snake Necklace - gift

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