Thursday, February 9, 2012

One-Dollar Dailies: 2/9/12

I think it may be time to either say goodbye to this jacket or dye it. The color isn't great, the fit isn't great, the material is just so-so. I bought it at Goodwill when I vacationed in NYC, but I just don't think it's flattering me. This was pre-YLF, pre outfit photography, and pre color theory for me. If I had the opportunity to buy this again, I wouldn't, so maybe that's my answer...

One-Dollar Wonders
Navy Button Front Shirt

Honorable Mention
Map Bag - $5 via swap meet
Benstton Blazer - via Goodwill
"Chanel" Belt - $2 via Salvation Army

BR Sloan Pants
DR. Martens Marcie Boots

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