Saturday, February 4, 2012

One-Dollar Dailies: 2/3/12-2/4/12

Ok, so I made a really stupid face in yesterday's pic, so try to ignore the blur. I wore my F21 genuine suede leather jacket yesterday and loved it. Sometimes I think all my work jackets should come from that store - they just fit so much better than most Misses brands.

Also, I think my Siamese cat is now purposefully positioning himself to be included in my outfit photos. I set up my camera today, turned around, and there he was: strutting straight for the picture wall. As you can see, he even sports a very modelesque pout for the shot.

One-Dollar Wonders
Old Navy Gingham Shirt
Cropped Denim Jacket
Paint-Spattered Jeans
Three Dots Asymmetrical Tee
Black leather belt (obscured)

Honorable Mention
Rust Suede Jacket - $25 via F21 clearance
Hudson Pinstripe Jeans - $40 via Ebay

Specialchoice Cognac Bag - via Ebay
Francesco Biasia Burgundy Bag - via Ebay
Dr. Martens Marcie Boots - via shoebuy

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  1. The jacket looks so great on you! Fab find! :D so glad I found your blog through YLF!