Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Appearance on 40+ Style!

I am happy to be catching up on my thank-you posts this week after so much craziness surrounding my upcoming job change!

I'm super excited to share that the fabulous Sylvia of 40+ Style was kind enough to include me in her recent post discussing individual style statements. I contributed a very short blurb outlining my personal style and the specific elements that help achieve it. This topic is very close to my heart, as it really helped make fashion click for me. Sometimes, even if you dress in the most fashionable outfit, you won't feel your best if you don't feel like yourself. Thanks, Sylvia, for addressing this important topic - and for allowing me to be a part of it. :D

If you don't already follow 40+ Style, please take a moment to click over and explore a really well-done blog that covers everything from clothes to hair to beauty issues. Although the blog is geared towared women over 40, a lot of the content is relevant to women of any age who want to look and feel their best!


  1. Hi Rachel, It was such a pleasure to feature you. I loved all your musings on how you achieved your style. I have now received my own style statement book so expect to read a lot more on this! Thanks for mentioning 40PlusStyle on your blog.

  2. Hi Rachel. I have seen you on YLF, didn't know you had such a cute blog. I loved to do this type of thrifting when I was in my 20s and living in southern CA (San Diego). We don't have the goodwill, thrift type stores here in southern Italy, where I live now. I miss that kind of shopping challenge! Keep up the good work!