Monday, May 7, 2012

Moving to

In case you've noticed my absence here on Blogger lately, it's because I'm trying out a new spot over at Many of my readers are from already, and I have a good history with the lookfab family - I'm excited to support their new blog endeavor!

But what do you think? Has anyone missed me on Blogger? Do you have any preference for reading on one site versus the other?


  1. Glad to see you post on here again. I am a lurker who had just started following you, when you seemed to disappear. I checked out your other site. The main things I don't like about it are that you can't see your whole picture at once, and having to click on the link to see the whole article. Otherwise, I enjoy seeing your outfits again.


  2. Agree with Cindy. It's harder to read your YLF blog. Plus I'd rather subscribe to your blog with Google Reader. I can understand you get a more dedicated readership that comments on YLF. Any way to cross post?