Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year, New $1 Loot

It's been hard to swap with all the holiday bustle, but I still managed to make out like a bandit in late December and early January. $1 Wonders below!
Club Monaco Midi, Teal Turtleneck

Donna Rae Paisley Skirt

Banana Republic Red Sweater - compare at $60

Hinge Knit Poncho - compare at $58
Theory Dash Batik Jacket - compare at $355

Ann Taylor Loft Engineer Dress - compare at $60-$90

Diesel Denim Jacket - compare at $210 (okay, this cost me $5 instead of $1, but still a fun deal)

James Perse Daily Tank - compare at $45

Donna Karan Signature 100% Cashmere Midi - compare at $795

Cropped Denim Jacket

Honorable mentions - These were $8.00 and bought for me as Christmas gifts by The Husband, but they were a great deal. The others we saw were made of cheap fleece material and cost the same price. The last time I tried on a knit hat like this, it was $40

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  1. Great shopping! Love the Diesel jacket and the Theory jacket. Well done!