Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cerulean Blue is a Cool Breeze

Any X-Files fans out there? I feel like The Pusher, trying to make it be Fall and about 20-degrees cooler by sheer force of will. This outfit was worn out to run some errands, check on some Gap items I'd been eying, pop into Anthropologie to see if I might want to interview there, and pick up rations at Trader Joes. Now *that* is a Friday!

For anyone who might be interested, I had gone out to try this Belted Waxed Jacket by Gap - I would have resold my polyester Cole Haan jacket for an even exchange and SYC preservation. A bunch of reviewers said it was big on them at 110 lbs... well, I'm at 125, and it's still big on me in XS. It was also way thinner than I'd thought and felt more like a cheap nylon jacket than a nice, waxed finish. No bueno.

Blue Rayon hi-low dress to combat 92-degree heat - flea market
Black bag with thin straps cross-body straps so as little leather sticks to my shoulder as possible - flea market
MIA boots as a manifestation of my denial - Amazon
Cuff photo watch for added weight and Fall feeling - DIY

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