Thursday, September 13, 2012

First Dress for Success Challenge

Dress for Success volunteer orientation was today at noon - and yikes, I've already been thrown a style curve ball!

The DFS website warns that there is NO reasonably-priced parking in the area, and they advise to take public transport to their office location. However, if I took public transport all the way there, it would take a solid 2 hours each way. So I'll be driving part way, walking, and taking a bus. In 95 degree weather - no guarantee of a shaded bus stop, no guarantee of an air conditioned bus, and no guarantee I won't get lost and wander the streets on foot for a time. Plus? As you know, all my work clothes are designed to keep me warm in the Arctic Office of Perennial Autumn.

I really had to work to get this outfit together:

black knit midi - for ease of movement and to disguise possible butt sweat
loose silk woven top - to promote airflow
walking boots - to wear from car to bus
blazer - to pop on indoors
pumps - also to pop on indoors

Whew, that outfit was work in itself! I hope it is up to snuff, and I hope I won't have to fight the weather as hard for long!

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