Monday, September 12, 2011

Thrifting the Trends: Fall 2011

Although the weather forecast in LA is still pretty toasty, there is no time like the present to keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming Fall/Winter looks! It may take a while to dig the right items out of your local secondhand stores, but the good news is that it is possible. :)

Badass Plaid says plaid is back! However, when I first asked my YLF forum buddies if I should keep this skirt, some felt that it looked like a holiday item - Christmas Party use only. Still, others liked the fit and length, so I decided to keep it around and play with it. To combat the holiday vibe, I tried to keep the rest of the pieces un-festive. It was too hot when I took this picture, but I'd also add tights and boots.
Red Plaid Pencil Skirt, $1

 Ladylike Polka Dots

Can't get away from polka dots this season - but why try? This teal polka dot dress is a little boxy in the bust area, but a tailored blazer fixes that nicely and makes it winter appropriate. Again, tights will be making an appearance come Summer's end. Photo collage from Runway Daily.
Dotty Dress, $1 - with Black Tweed Blazer, $1
 Digital Prints

Ok, this one might get filed under "wishful thinking," but digital prints juuuust might trickle down to us mortals... eventually. I don't see the look on any official trend lists, but I have seen a good amount popping up on, a couple Christopher-Kane-esque animal prints at F21 and H&M, a couple abstract prints at ASOS, and tons of various prints at AllSaints. If digitals are set to hit mainstream soon, you can be fashion forward by wearing them now. ;)

Digital Print Floral Top, $1

Digital Print Dress - $1

I really like this dress and love digital prints in general. Shown with a $2 crossbody bag.

Leather Skirts

This is one trend I'd typically pass over based on expense. Hemlines have fallen, so all the 80s leather mini skirts floating about will not do - but lo and behold, a ladylike leather midi crossed my path at the swap meet, and I snapped it up before I knew what was happening. I will never doubt the powers of resale again...
Leather Midi, $1

Shown with Python Print Pumps, $2.50 - Python is also big this season.
 Trends are pretty much always recycled so, if you keep your eyes peeled, you can find almost anything secondhand. The key is to keep in mind color and silhouette as well as the general trend (e.g. "edgy" plaids instead of preppy ones or leather "midis" instead of minis). Now let's all go out and refresh our wardrobes with old clothing! ;)

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  1. Amazing look! Love the plka dot dress! Those shoes are gorgeous!!!