Tuesday, May 10, 2011

work outfits: surrounding my $10 Italian leather handbag

The last two days have been all about my new purple bag, scored for $10 in light of extensive water damage... which isn't obvious at all, especially after a good conditioning. I still have to decide if the damage bothers me enough to shell out $12 more to refurbish the leather (I probably will, as I'm a little compulsive like that, and I've had great results doing this in the past), but the bag is definitely usable as-is. I remember spotting this exact Cettu bag at TJ Maxx years ago -- I loved it, but passed it up as it was about 150 clams. All the rivets are stamped with little pictures of parrots, the lining is pristine (and orange!), and there is no structural damage to speak of. Even if I do spend a little more to correct the water staining, $22 is still way better than $150 - and way WAY better than the original $250.

Forever 21 blazer - $1 - swap meet, Huntington Beach
Purple Banana Republic top - $1 - swap meet, Los Angeles
United Colors of Benetton - half of a $25 suit - Goodwill, Santa Ana
Navy tights - $1 - 99 Cents Only, Venice
Burgundy Dolce Vita Jayce boots - $10 - funded (via Amazon for $103.50)

I also have to stop in my tracks and brag for a minute about this next jacket, which I picked up just this weekend. I had never heard of the brand before, but I brought it home because it looked well made, fit me, and told me the sweet lie that I am a size 0P. I Googled Lafayette 148 so that I could write about the jacket here... lo and behold: a jacket in a similar cut by the same brand costs $398! I nearly fainted. But I danced a gleeful little jig instead. :)

Lafayette 148 collarless blazer - $1 - swap meet, San Fernando
Black tank - $1 - swap meet, Cypress
Light gray skirt - $1 - swap meet, Los Angeles
Pearl Necklace - $0 - gift
Carlos Santana glitter pumps - $25 - Ross
Silver cuff bracelet - $1 - swap meet, Huntington Beach

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