Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The birds and the bees and the flowers and the... shoes!

It was another scorcher in LA today, but it was still fairly cool in the office. I wore long sleeves to protect me from our polar A/C, but I kept the legs bare for the inevitable outdoor food-finding excursion. It was too hot for jewelry, but I think my shiny skirt and blindingly-yellow bag made enough of a statement on their own... at least for a corporate office.

- Club Monaco zippered button-front blouse, $5, Goodwill (Pasadena? Somewhere to the north with an open-air shopping area)
- Handmade feather-patter skirt, $1, swap meet, Huntington Beach
- Jessica Simpson Floral Garden satchel*, $60, stalked on the interwebs
- Mossimo gray slingbacks, $2.50, Goodwill, Santa Ana

*You may notice that the yellow satchel was not really that great of a steal, but I can tell you that my net investment in this bag was only about $7 -- further explanation coming soon!

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