Tuesday, May 17, 2011

work outfits: works of art

These outfits are inspired by a fun thread started on YLF: the Picture Perfect Challenge urges women to find their outfit inspiration in famous paintings - too fun to pass up!

Monday's inspiration piece was Picasso's Boy with a Pipe. I don't own any non-abstract florals, so I took my inspiration from the colors used -- cognac and blue, with a pop of green. I don't have anything that exact shade of blue, either, so I tried to soften it a bit with a charcoal sweater vest. You may remember my cognac boots from my Goodwill Outlets post.

Item Original Price My Price Vendor Type Location
Off-Brand Navy Blouse ? $1 swap meet Huntington Beach
Vintage Rifle Strap $24 $10 (on sale) gun store Seattle
Handmade Feather Skirt ? $1 swap meet Huntington Beach
Cognac Boots ~ $80 $4 Goodwill Outlet Santa Ana
Ted Benson Handbag $300 $6 (funded, Ebay price $60 shipped) Ebay internet
J Crew Sleeveless Sweater $42 $1 swap meet San Fernando

Tuesday's piece was Gustav Klimt's Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer. Once again, I did not have the exact colors handy, but I approximated the feel of the work with this beige blazer, hopefully bringing out the yellow in it by adding my bright yellow hobo.

Item Original Price My Price Vendor Type Location
Benetton Blazer $120 $12 Goodwill New York
Converse Plaid Flannel Dress $32 $1 swap meet Torrance
Liz Claiborne Belt $26 $1 swap meet Torrance
Green Tights $12 $1 swap meet Torrance
Gianni Bini Boots $80 $10 (funded Ebay price $55 shipped) Ebay internet
Cristina Hobo $450 $0 (gift) TJ Maxx Culver City

The challenge is still going -- to be continued!


  1. Lovely! I can see the inspiration so clearly!

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