Thursday, June 30, 2011

swap meet scores: premium denim

Some thrift to look cool. Some thrift to be green. But I grew up on the poor side of town. I thrift to look like I don't need to thrift.

The irony is that actually getting more bang for my buck has effectively turned me into a bit of a brand snob. There have been many a Saturday morning when I've come across a garment and thought, "Ooh, cute! But it's... Mossimo? No thanks." Not because I necessarily look down on items from Target, but because shopping has become a twisted game in which I strive to find ever more expensive items at ever more ridiculous prices. This week? A win for the home team via major denim scores.

Exhibit one: Citizens of Humanity Ingrid bootcut jeans.
Retail Price: $158
Goodwill Outlet Price: $3

I originally bought these ones for a DIY project a la my lovely YLF forum buddies, but the boyfriend doesn't think he can handle me in partially-bleached Dries van Noten knock offs. Oh, well. I trust the bf to be a good source of checks and balances, and he's the one who has to look at all my casual clothes, anyway. It's a good thing I still like the jeans as-is.

Exhibit two: Goldsign Misfit slim leg jeans.
Retail Price: $238
Swap Meet Price: $2
Having your outfit shoots supervised by Hank: priceless

I'd never heard of Goldsign before, but I could tell by the amazing heft, softness, and clever lock-in-place button closure that these jeans would be well worth my two bucks. My resident Siamese stylist agrees.