Wednesday, June 1, 2011

casual outfit: de-frumping baggy jeans

A friend commented that these jeans look 3 sizes too big, but they are oh so comfortable - especially on these weird, in-between, not-quite-cool-or-hot days we've been having in LA. I didn't want tight jeans sticking to my skin, but I knew I'd be too cold in shorts.

With comfort taken care of, I still wanted to look relatively put together. These Miss Sixties are actually fitted through the hips, so I wore a shorter top hoping to show that it's the pants that are baggy - not me. The sorta-skimpy top and flowered bag kept me from feeling like a dude.

Item Original Price My Price Vendor Type Location
Ben Sherman Top
$75 $1 swap meet Huntington Beach
Miss Sixty Perkins Jeans
$175 $1 swap meet Huntington Beach
Jessica Simpson Floral Garden Satchel $108 10 $(funded) Amazon internet
Spy Optic Siouxie Sunglasses

Here's a bonus goofy pic of my hair about as curly as it gets, right after I take it out of a bun. I had thought of trying for this look for the wedding, but I know it will never hold up. Oh well, at least I have photo documentation that it really does curl. Kind of. ;)

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