Tuesday, June 7, 2011

work and casual outfits backlog: citron, butterflies, and various stripes

I've been so lax about outfit posts lately. Moderation? Consistency? Meh, so boring! Instead, here's a big, fat pile of them all at once.

Looking back, I've been rather trendy this week - who knew I had it in me? For the first casual outfit we have my favorite citron yellow color, which Angie of YLF predicted would be big this season. I've started to notice citron popping up at Ann Taylor, J. Crew, and Urban Outfitters, too. Not everyone can wear the color, but I love it. I wore this outfit to a YLF meetup in Pasadena where the sun finally came out to play.

Off brand citron top - $1 - swap meet - Huntington Beach
L'incontro handbag - $10 - Goodwill - Santa Monica
Tan belt - $1 - swap meet - Los Angeles
Lucky Brand shorts (cut jeans) - $1 - swap meet - Huntington Beach
Spy sunglasses - $15 - 6pm.com
Worishofer sandals (not pictured... d'oh) - $5 - Goodwill? - Santa Ana?

Sorry, I can't exactly remember which thrift store yielded me these sandals, but I can tell you that they're super comfy and the most fashion-forward orthopedic shoe, like, ever. In fact, if you were to pick up this red snakeskin version, I would not judge you at all.

Next up is a trend I didn't see coming but that is gaining steam nicely: butterfly print! I fell in love with this little top at Zara, which I was newly introduced to by the lovely YLF ladies on our meetup. Normally, the thought of paying $20 for a tee shirt would send me into anaphylactic shock, but I found the print so simultaneously cheerful and morbidly charming (the way the butterflies are laid out recalls an insect collector's display box, yes?) that I had to take the plunge. Besides, it is a souvenir from a wonderful outing which I will remember fondly whenever I wear my adorable tee. This picture is from an urban hike through downtown.

Top - $20 - Zara - Pasadena
Ezra Fitch shorts - $1 - swap meet - San Fernando
Turquoise bag - $0 - swap party
Cognac belt - $2 - swap meet - Paramount

Moving on to work outfits, we have the trend that has exploded everywhere this season: stripes. These outfits are just remixes of items already in my closet. I think you've seen everything before except the blue top.

Express top - $1 - swap meet - Huntington Beach
Ben Sherman Jacket - $1 - swap meet - Huntington Beach
Ann Taylor Skirt - $1 - swap meet - Huntington Beach
Cream Pearl Necklace - $0 - swap party
Ted Benson Bag - $6 (funded) - Ebay
Carlos Santana Shoes - $20 - Ross - Los Angeles

This outfit features a blouse that 1) doesn't button up all the way and 2) sports a very distinctive tie at the neck that makes successful remixing (read: pretending to have more clothes than I actually do) kind of a chore. I tucked the tie into the vest here to hide the memorable tie, and the vest covers up the fit issues. Done and done.

Vintage striped PB top - $1 - swap meet - Huntington Beach
Off-brand sweater vest - $1 - swap meet - San Fernando
Off-brand skirt - $1 - swap meet - Los Angeles
Liz Claiborne belt - $1 - swap meet - Torrance
Italian handbag - $40 - TJ Maxx - Culver City
Dolce Vita boots - $10 (funded) Amazon

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  1. Lovely outfits! You look amazinh in yellow! Love your sunglasses!