Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Update: Macy's Men's Fragrance Department

In response to my recent complaint about a rude salesperson in Macy's South Bay Galleria's Men's Fragrance Department, the store manager contacted me and assured me that their entire staff has been briefed on proper, professional sales etiquette. They also identified the person who interacted with my husband and me - a "Fragrance Model" - and spoke with him individually regarding the inappropriateness of his actions.

I definitely appreciate that Macy's made a thorough effort to not only educate the Men's Fragrance Department as a whole, but also to identify and correct the individual Fragrance Model who offended us. I also think it was very kind and thoughtful of the manager to leave all of this information in my voicemail; although I very much wanted to call him back and thank him, Christmas madness has kept me too busy during store hours. I'm not using his name because, as I said, I was unable to talk to him directly and ask permission.

All in all, I'm comfortable with the way things turned out, and I feel very good about the management at the South Bay Galleria's Macy's. I'm glad I spoke up about our discomfort that day; if I had not, I might have carried ill will toward Macy's for a long time and possibly missed out on some great deals. Also, if I hadn't said anything, none of the salespeople would know that there was anything wrong with what happened - it may sound trite, but I hope that this helps to create a better shopping experience for future customers.

How about you, readers? Have you ever written a complaint letter? Did the company make it right?

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