Thursday, October 11, 2012

Trying out a tucked BF jeans look

Ok, so funny story: I told a friend I was trying a tucked BF look, and she thought I was saying something about cross-dressing. o_0 I guess fashion just comes up with its own lingo sometimes!

This is what I wore yesterday to go out and find my suit. I only wore it for under an hour, but I really enjoyed it, and I'll probably try to get some more use out of the look this weekend.

Floral cardigan - gift from Mom from F21, years ago
gray tee - small neighborhood store, years ago
Francesco Biasia crossbody - Ebay
Butterfly necklace - DIY
Aldo belt - flea market
Old Navy Boyfriend Capris - Old Navy
Frye Vera boots - Amazon

In other news, it *rained* this morning! Yay! I don't think it even lasted a full five minutes, but it was so much fun to see after all the heat. I think I'll even try to jog before it heats up.

For those non-YLF-ers who read my blog, this Friday-Sunday is when a bunch of us from the online forum will meet up and stay in a hotel together for an entire weekend of shopping, clothes swapping, good eats, and good fun. We started this up last year, and it has already grown to include many out-of-town participants. I'm so excited I'm like a kid waiting for Santa!

Details to come. :)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Sometimes I wish that I was a wrestler...

Sometimes I wish that I was a wrestler - 
A Mexican wrester in a red vinyl mask.
And I might grab you
And body-slam you
And maybe cause physical harm.

-- Jill Sobule, "Mexican Wrestler"

Feeling very nostalgic today in my baby tee inspired by one of my favorite songs from 2001. I was VERY upset to see that Emma Roberts now sings it on one of her albums. The original recording is just fine - why the need to slap a celeb face on it? Ugh...

Anyway, I like this outfit, and I'm happy that it finally feels like I can wear my baby tees again. Something about the way they pair with baggy pants. :)

Wrester tee - gift from DH
Aldo belt - flea market
Old Navy Boyfriend Capris - Old Navy
B. Makowsky bag - Ebay
Report Marks - Amazon